Farhat Abbas vs. Al and El, Celebrities Support Child Violence Search Popularity

Figures and Celebrities Support Laws Against Children and violence Children Make For Win Event popularity

Farhat Abbas, Ahmad Dhani mocks.Farhat in his Twitter account Dhani incompetent judge in educating children.Frustrated by chatter Farhat Abbas, two sons Dhani, Al and Farhat Abbas El furious challenge to a duel in the ring boxing upset because their father insulted.It seems the most excited moment utilized the media with excessive disclosed.Though this phenomenon is a lesson connotes violent behavior in children.When many parties campaigned against violence, especially against children.Tragically violent behavior in children is actually supported by the law and celebrity figures in this country.Farhat Abbas, Hotman Paris Hutapea, Ahmad Dani and others with arrogance and emotional and are not aware of the legal and ethical

Farhat Abbas, Ahmad Dhani mocks.Farhat in his Twitter account Dhani incompetent judge in educating children.Farhat also commented sarcastically about Dhani who claim bankruptcy due to an accident victim has to bear.But Ahmad Dani does not serve things like that.Ignited emotions, and El Al Farhat was challenged to rise to the boxing ring.Frustrated by chatter Farhat Abbas, two sons Dhani, Al and El furious.Two men who pursue a long Dhani martial arts that claim to be ready put the body against Farhat so knowing his father scolded and El Al Farhat Abbas challenged to a duel in the ring boxing upset because their father insulted.

Duel in the ring that ditantangkan Al and El against Farhat is not just the usual form of the sport of boxing.But the lesson is that the seeds of hostility and violence against children.Sports boxing should be based on the spirit of competition and sportsmanship, not revenge and hatred.It will be supportive and let children be educated with violence and resolve problems with violence.This makes the board Pertina (National Boxing Association) does not allow the fight.Parents ataun all those who serve and support the child abuse could be convicted because his attitude is not in accordance with Law No. 23 of 2002 on Child Protection.

Violence against children is physical violence, sexual, emotional mistreatment, or neglect of children.In the United States, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) define child maltreatment as any act or series of acts or omissions guardian by a parent or other caregiver that is generated can be dangerous, or potentially dangerous, dangerous or pose a threat to children.Most child abuse happens in the child's own home with a smaller amount occurring in the school, in the neighborhood or organization where children berinteraksi.Bila battle vs. Al Farhat El properly implemented it is a form of child abuse.Imagine an adult human for the sake of revenge and want to achieve that popularity does not find a way to make the child as a precious commodity.Without terlaksan tersebutpun game has taught celebrities and children in Indonesia that Indonesian people solve problems with violence

When child abuse such as allowing or supporting the feud between Farhat and Al El hence could support child neglect.Child neglect is where the responsible adult fails to provide adequately for the needs of a variety of purposes, including physical and emotional abuse in the form of a failure to provide nurturing or affection.Violence against children is a form of physical neglect and affection for the child.

People and Celebrities Support violence Against Children and Kids Make For Win Event popularity

Ahmad Dani's parents Al and El, Farhat Abbas, Hotman Paris Hutapea, Ramdan Alam, Secretary General Deddy Corbuzier even KPAI M.Ihsan without realizing it does not prohibit, prevent, or advise the child abuse but instead support, serve and approved.Support these figures will be bad lesson for children of the nation to be a bad example that resolve conflicts with violence.

Farhat AbbasWhen the child care activists demanding Farhat, Farhat dodged that he does not serve the children but the father.Indeed, after many parties criticized Farhat mnenyerahkan all problems feud with El Al and the spokesman.But before her emotions and serve furious feud with Al and El.Although initially had rejected the challenge 'fist fights' that was brought Al and El, a young lawyer Abbas Fahat finally embracing new challenges, although both were announced via social networking sites.Singing through his personal Twitter account, the husband Daniaty Nia and El Al was asked to prepare the ring fists."Prepare Place & Time Ring Boxing (jakarta, jakarta, kep thousand) challenge behind the challenger who mentang2."Wrote Farhat Abbas through account@ Farhatabbaslaw,Saturday (11/23/2013).However, though it was answered by Farhat, there has been no follow-up of children behind Ahmad Dhani about the challenge."It could be happening (duel) that allowed police, promoters okay, they're okay".Farhat said Epicentrum region, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (27/11/2013).Not only that, Farhat has also prepared a place for the duel later.In this case, the husband Nia Daniaty also not kidding."The place already, probably in West Jakarta, North Jakarta, or the Thousand Islands," he explained.

Ahmad DhaniDhani Ahmad fully supports the desire of her two children, Al Ghazali (Al) and El Jalaluddin Rumi (El), who dared to challenge the attorney Farhat Abbas boxing.As a parent, Dhani proud with their children's behavior.According to him, Al and El is the child who comply with the law, rather than playing in the streets."There are children who dare, the boy's father blasphemed and defend," said Dhani met at his house, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, Friday (29/11).

Lawyer Hotman Paris HutapeaIn Hotman dodged a television show that he simply quipped.But see the seriousness he sent a press release to various media seem not merely insinuated but supportive.Hotman Paris Hutapea provided Rp 250 million for whoever wins the boxing."I'm offering a reward Rp250 million for the winner if so do boxing match between Farhat Abbas by his son Ahmad Dhani," said Hotman Paris release received in various media are sent on Thursday (28/11).Only, Hotman reminded that the pertandinga officially done.That is, the match must obtain permission from the police."I reminded the boxing match is done legally with the official permission of the authorities," he explained.

Lawyer Ramdan AlamEl accompanied Ahmad Dhani and his legal counsel, Ramdan Alam had registered a desire to hold a boxing match against Farhat Abbas by permission Amateur Boxers Association of Indonesia (PB Pertina).If it gets permission, the match will be held in the gym who was in the Marines GOR Earth Cilandak, Jakarta on 30 November 2013.

Secretary General M. KPAIIhsanPlan fist fights in the ring actually a positive response from the Indonesian Child Protection Commission."We appreciate the plan fisticuffs between Farhat and El," said Secretary General KPAI M.Ihsan atTempovia telephone, Friday, November 29, 2013.According to Wong, from the perspective of sports, boxing plans between El and Farhat legitimate.Importantly, boxing was officially conducted in accordance with the regulations.Duel was also to be assessed jury and mediated referee."Another fight that, it should not be because of a criminal," said Ihsan.

Deddy CorbuzierCorbuzier Deddy did not want to get involved too deeply in Farhat Abbas feud with kids Ahmad Dhani, El Al Ghazali and Rumi.Even so, Deddy not mind if later asked to be a referee."If you want to fight please wrote. I just want to buy the tickets wrote," Deddy said in the studio hangar, Jewel, Jakarta, Monday (25/11) night."If you want to be a referee also invited instance, I still have fun alone

It should even be a celebrity figure danpara law legal experts should be aware that the behavior of those who want to achieve the popularity violate the rights of children with legalized violence against.Very tragic fact of child abuse carried out by lawyers and leaders who understand the law.

Forms of violence often experienced by a child's physical and non-physical.After the enactment of Law no.23 of 2002 terntang child protection, the government always required to provide protection to children from the dangers of violence.Forms of child protection in addition manifested in the form of prevention through sanctions, is also manifested in the form of coaching that needs to involve various stakeholders.Nevertheless, it turns out forms of violence against children is still common, so the child should get their rights should still often overlooked.Whatever the cause, would not be separated from the implementation of legislation that has not been properly terjalan.

When the observed response and support of the various figures and celebrities there were spontaneous but others want to ride the fame of the topic being excited in the community and is always covered by the media.When a media cover it, the various leaders and professional race chase for fame and public attention.When leaders want a fame not realize the children in a commodity and its victims.Children herded unwittingly dragged and sensation-hungry leaders and the popularity.With the enactment of Law No. 23 of 2002 on Child Protection, the child protection law has had a juridical foundation.Including the set of the abandoned children are children who for some reason are not met with a reasonable basic needs, both spiritually, physically, and socially.Then whoever made ​​various efforts that support violence against children must be brought to justice.SAVE OUR CHILDREN